Check-in Times

Before your vacation can begin – and you can stop watching the clock for a while – you have to meet two important deadlines at the airport: the check-in times (when check-in closes) and your boarding time. Please don't be late: In the worst of cases, you might even lose your right to carriage. Make sure to plan enough time for check-in and passenger and baggage screening so you can start your vacation relaxed and on time. We strongly recommend that you schedule in an extra half hour for picking up travel documents, at the start of the holiday season, or if you have special check-in needs (groups, bulky items, etc.).

Germany/Vienna check-in

When should I be at the check-in counter? The following table has all the information you need.

Check-in times in Germany/Vienna  

Check-in counters in Germany/Vienna

Need to know exactly where to check in? Here are our check-in counters at German airports and the AIRail check-in which is located in Frankfurt Airport Railway Station.

Check-in counters in Germany/Vienna  

Late night check-in

With Condor, you can check-in your baggage and pick up your boarding pass the night before the flight. On the day of your flight, you can then go straight through the security checkpoints to your gate. Please be ready to show your travel documents and a valid photo ID (personal ID card or passport) in the event of a late night check-in.  

What special restrictions apply to late night check-in?

  • A charge of 5.00 euro per person will be made for this service (payment in cash, by EC card or with a current credit card). Late night check-in is free of charge for children under 12 years of age, and our Business Class and Premium Economy Class passengers.
  • Sports equipment can be checked in (please see the terms of registration)
  • Animals may not be checked in until the day of departure
  • Late night check-in is not available for special flights (flights not operated regularly with a flight schedule, e.g., a sightseeing flight over the Alps)
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service for groups of 10 or more people. For security reasons, these passengers are required to check in in person
  • Every passenger must produce an official photo ID (personal ID card, passport)
  • If an adult traveling family member wants to check in other members of his or her family, he or she must present their travel documents and official photo IDs, as well as paying the late night check-in charge for all those traveling.
  • If a person who is not traveling wishes to check in passengers, that person's personal ID document will be examined and the personal data taken down. The passengers' travel documents and official IDs must also be presented and the late night check-in charge paid for all those traveling.
  • Late night check-in is only available for ticketless flights (NOTIX) if a booking confirmation or at least the booking number is presented with the official ID
  • In case of late night check-in, we ask our passengers to come to their departure gate at least one hour prior to departure.

Please note: Separate regulations apply to flights with other airlines (e.g. Lufthansa). Please contact the other airlines for more information on these regulations.

Need to know exactly where to check in? Here are our late night check-in counters:

Late night check-in information for Condor flights  

Check-in outside Germany

All the check-in counters for Condor passengers outside Germany are also open at least two hours before the scheduled departure (three hours for flights from the United States and Canada). Please observe our check-in deadlines for checking in outside Germany. Furthermore, we recommend to plan an additional half hour when picking up travel documents, at the beginning of holidays or at special check-in (groups, bulky baggage, sports equipment).

Check-in Times outside Germany  

Providing the first holiday address for U.S. travellers during check-in

The following information about your holiday destination must already be supplied at Check-in by non-US citizens traveling to the US:

Street name and number
ZIP code (post code)

We ask that you enter these details prior to departure in the online "API data form", so that our passengers do not have longer to wait at check-in.

The online form (API data form) for entering address details for the first night of your vacation can be found here:

API Data Form
Further Information on "Data protection information for flights to the USA"

More information: The Canadian authorities also expect airlines to provide personal data.
Please note that these requirements also apply to U.S. transit passengers.  

Travelling to Canada

The German Federal Police requires Condor to provide certain passenger data for flights from a country that is not a signatory to the Schengen Agreement. You can find more detailed information in our brief information sheet:

Flights across external Schengen borders into Germany

Last updated: July 21, 2008