Check-in machines

Start your vacation even more quickly and easily. We have practical check-in machines at selected airports, which you can use up to an hour before departure. This service is available to you in German and English. Avoid the queues and select your favorite seat yourself, whether or not you are traveling with baggage.

Traveling with baggage

You can, of course, still use our check-in machines if you have baggage to hand in. Check in at your convenience on the machine – and we will be pleased to accept your baggage at our Baggage Drop-off counter.  

Machine check-in is this simple

  • Sign yourself in at the machine
  • Select your favorite seat on the seating chart
  • Print your boarding pass
  • Hand your baggage in at the Baggage Drop-off


The machines are located in the Condor check-in area in Terminal 2.


There are currently 15 check-in machines located in Terminals A, B and C, and in car parks P3 and P8.


Our check-in machines are available to you throughout the airport in Terminals 1 and 2. You then hand in your baggage at the Baggage Drop-off at counters 775 – 778 in Terminal 1.

Frankfurt AIRail Terminal

The machines are right next to our AIRail Check-in counter, before you leave the ("Fernbahnhof") railway station.

Las Vegas

Check-in machines are located in Terminal 3, opposite the Condor Check-in counters.


Check-in machines are located in Terminal 1; one of the machines is right next to the Condor Check-in counter.