Protecting the health of our passengers

Special times require special measures. Condor has been providing safe and reliable flights to your holiday destinations for more than 65 years and is continuing to do so now, even in times of corona. Your health is important to us! This is why we have developed a multitude of protective measures that meet the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency for civil aviation (EASA). In line with these requirements, we, similarly to food and drink establishments, have to obtain the contact details of all passengers. 

Why do we record your details?
Although it is extremely unlikely, if a suspected case of coronavirus occurs, we are obliged to pass on these contact details to the responsible authorities.

On what basis do we record your details?
Your details are recorded on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, Article 6 paragraph 1 lit. d). Personal data are collected within this context to monitor COVID-19 and its spread.

What additional details do we require from you?
To meet the requirements of the EASA, we require your telephone number and, optionally, your e-mail address in addition to the details provided when you booked your flight.

What happens to your data?
If a suspected case of coronavirus occurs, your details will be passed on to the responsible authorities securely and exclusively. They will not be used for advertising purposes.