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Welcome to Peru

Condor offers cheap flights to Lima, a rambling desert city hugging the dusty cliffs precariously. Visit the large stately museums showcasing inspirational pottery and stunning art with interactive multimedia. You can sway to the tropical musical beats of pulsating nightclubs, explore the amazing city or join in the sombre religious processions from the 18th century. Flights to Lima offer a lot to do and see!

Yawning shopping malls, encyclopaedic bookstores, private well-heeled golf clubs and baroque churches adorned with the saint skulls make Lima an intriguing travel destination. The city is a cultural mirage with a profusion of gastronomic dining outlets from basic to high-end. Discover Lima, cloaked in history, resplendently messy and teeming with aesthetic delights. You have an option of comfortable and cheap flights to Lima with Condor!

Flight facts

Flights to Lima from Berlin will take 15 hours, but it is worth a visit. The Airport is well linked to most of the other South American cities. If you are flying from JFK, your flight takes only 7 and half hours. When travelling further in Peru, you will find Lima a centre for domestic regional flights. Taxis are available and offer easy transfer to the city.

A flight from Frankfurt to Peru will take about 10 hours. Book a taxi beforehand to ensure smooth transfer to your destination. Compared to many other places in the world, South America is a more expensive travel destination. There are other travel options than taxis as well, such as trains and buses. Discover a charming cultural city with a cheap flight to Lima!