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Welcome to Ecuador

The beautiful country of Ecuador is located in the northwest of South America. It is well known for the diversity of its flora and fauna and for the beauty of the land. It gets its name from the equator, which runs through it. Flights to Quito bring travellers to a lovely country that has lots to offer. The Andes are an awesome sight behind the coastal waters teeming with marine life. Book your flights to Quito with Condor!

Cultural sights are one more reason why people take flights to Quito. Ecuador was shaped by the Spanish, who ruled is as part of their large empire for hundreds of years. You'll still find beautiful specimens of colonial architecture in Quito. The food, music and language are products of this merging of cultures. Relax and take in the easygoing vibe in South America as soon as you land in Quito.

Flight facts

Most of the travellers to Ecuador arrive on flights to Quito, which is the capital and largest city. It is centrally located in the country and set high within the Andes Mountains. Other destinations in Ecuador include Guayaquil, which is located on the Pacific coast to the west. Flights to Quito are available from a number of European points of departure. Book tickets early for cheap flight options from Condor.

Mariscal Sucre International Airport will be the destination on your flight to Quito. A contemporary terminal, the airport lies 18 km to the east of Quito. In operation since 2013, it handles flights to Quito as the replacement for the previous airport that was located closer to the city. For travellers to Guayaquil, the arrival point will be the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport. It lies to the north of the city about 5 km.

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