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Welcome to Ecuador

Tucked away in the northwestern part of South America, beautiful Ecuador enchants its visitors with stunning scenery and wild ecosystems. The equator, which runs through the country, is its namesake. Flights to Guayaquil bring visitors to a place with many attractions. From the Pacific Ocean to the peaks of the Andes Mountains, jungles, rivers and culture await those arriving on cheap flights to Guayaquil with Condor.

The rich culture of Ecuador is one of the main reasons to book a flight to Guayaquil. The region was incorporated into the Spanish empire after they conquered most of South America. That legacy is still present today in the colonial style buildings in Quito's city centre. The traditions and characteristics of the culture show influences from Europeans and indigenous cultures like the Incas. Experience this and more when you book a flight to Guayaquil with Condor.

Flight facts

On your flight to Guayaquil, you may have a transfer at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito. A modern airport, the facility opened in 2013 to replace the old airport that had grown too small for Quito's mass influx of international travellers. Your flight to Guayaquil will land at the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport, which lies conveniently just 5 km north of the centre of the city.

Condor offers two destinations in Ecuador, so travellers have the option of travelling between Quito and flights to Guayaqil. Quito is the nation's capital and largest city, located high in the Andes Mountains in the geographical centre of the country. Flights to Guayaquil bring the passenger directly to the beaches that look out over the Pacific Ocean. Cheap flights to Guayaquil and Quito are available from a number of European cities.

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