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At the northwestern corner of South America you'll find gorgeous Ecuador, which is prized for its natural beauty and diversity. Named for the equator that runs through it, flights to Ecuador bring visitors to a beautiful country with a variety of attractions. Here the Andes Mountains offer a magnificent backdrop as they plunge into the sea with some of the world's most active marine ecosystems. Book your flight to Ecuador with Condor and save money.

The cultural attractions are another reason to book a flight to Ecuador. Settled by the Spanish and part of its vast empire for centuries, you'll find many beautiful colonial era buildings in the capital city of Quito. The arts and music reflect this blending of cultures, which has been influenced by the Incas, Europeans, and others. Be sure to enjoy the carefree lifestyle of South America when you land from your flight to Ecuador.

Flight facts

Condor flights to Ecuador can be made either to the capital city of Quito, set high in the mountains in the country's interior, or to the coastal city of Guayaquil on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Flights to Ecuador can be booked from a variety of cities in Europe. Be sure to reserve your tickets early for cheap flight options to Ecuador from Condor.

When your flight to Ecuador lands in Quito, you'll arrive at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport. This modern airport, located 18 km east of the city centre, was opened in 2013 and replaced the old airport that was located within the city limits. If the final destination of your flight to Ecuador arrives in Guayaquil, then you'll be greeted at José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport, located 5 km north of the city centre.