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Colombia is a cultural crossroads for everyone from the Mexicans to the Africans. This has given Colombia a unique blend of cultural and historical influences. However, this melting pot has yielded something distinctly Colombian, something well worth experiencing for yourself. A flight to Cali will allow you to explore Colombia from a different vantage point. Flights to Cali with Condor Airlines are cheap and easy to book.

As Colombia's second largest city, Cali has all the same Colombian flair of the capital, only in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. The city boasts vibrant nightlife, beautiful architecture and all the life and excitement one expects from Colombia. A flight to Cali is a great choice for those looking to see Colombia from another angle. If you want to experience Colombia from the local side, book a flight to Cali with Condor.

Flight facts

Flying to Cali from Europe is not a quick jaunt. However, a holiday in Colombia will prove itself worth the trip. From central European airports, like Frankfurt, the flight to Cali takes about 11.5 hours. Condor is committed to making sure your flight to Cali is as smooth as possible, No matter what time of year you choose to fly to Cali, a flight with Condor is always possible.

After your flight to Cali, you don't need to worry about getting around the city. Whether you choose to take a taxi or use public transport, you'll make it to your accommodations safe and sound. Cali has an easy-to-use public transport system that makes it easy to navigate the city during your stay. Due to its proximity to the equator, you're guaranteed to enjoy warm weather no matter when you take a flight to Cali.

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