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Flights to Colombia are perfect for those seeking a South American adventure. With coasts on the Atlantic and the Pacific and the Amazon River flowing through it, it has everything you'd expect of a country at the head of the continent. This variety of landscapes also brings distinct cultural traditions thanks to the different groups of people who have shaped the area throughout its long history. Discover it today with cheap flights to Colombia.

When it comes to exotic destinations, there are many reasons people choose to book their flights to Colombia. Stunning beaches on the Caribbean and Pacific provide seaside havens where you can take in the sun and surf. Further in, the mountains and rain forests provide vast areas with coffee plantations and lots of wildlife. Intrepid visitors can set out into the world of indigenous tribes in the Amazon River valley.

Flight facts

For travellers who want to book a flight to Colombia, Condor offers several destinations to choose from. The major hub and national capital is in Bogota, located in the centre of the country. The bustling city of Medellin in the north also has service for flight passengers. The third destination for flights to Colombia is the city of Cali, not far from the Pacific coast.

For flights to Colombia that arrive in Bogota, passengers will disembark at the El Dorado International Airport. One of the busiest in Latin America, it handles over 25 million passengers each year. This airport is located about 15 km west of the city. Regular buses, called alimentadores, provide regular service between the airport and the metro network. Cheap flights to Colombia cost less with Condor.