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Welcome to Bulgaria

Choose Condor when looking for cheap flights to Bulgaria. Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria. It has long served as a cultural, economic, and political hub for the region thanks to its strategic location and its port. Numerous art galleries and museums are found here and there are several universities. On top of that, the Black Sea coast is nearby, making Burgas an ideal holiday destination. Find your cheap flight to Burgas with us.

If you crave a holiday near the water, a flight to Burgas is what you need! Burgas has access to the Black Sea as well as three gorgeous nearby lakes: Castle Assee, Mandrasee and Atanasovsko. Whether you prefer salt or fresh water, a flight to Burgas gives you every opportunity for a relaxing beach holiday. Thanks to our cheap flights, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about breaking your budget.

Flight facts

We have a number of convenient and cheap flights to Burgas from all across Europe. Your flight time depends, of course, on where your point of departure is. If, for example, your flight leaves from Frankfurt, you have 2.5 hours to reach Burgas. Condor also has flights departing from Berlin, Leipzig/Halle, Stuttgart, and Paderborn. Find your cheap flight today and get your Bulgarian holiday underway.

Our flights arrive at the Burgas International Airport, located just 10 kilometres north of the city centre. After your flight touches down and you have claimed your baggage, you have a number of options for reachingy your hotel. There is a public bus that runs daily and connects the airport to Burgas city centre. Or, for a more convenient option, you can jump in one of the many taxis that are available at the airport.