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You'll meet a mix of cultures when your flight to Bulgaria alights. With ancient Thracian history to Bulgarian, Byzantine, Ottoman and Soviet rule, the rich legacy blends in the sights, sounds and flavours of this diverse country. Whether you're city hopping in Sofia or relaxing on the Black Sea beaches to the East, there is something for everyone who books cheap flights to Bulgaria with Condor.

Bulgaria is a place of natural and cultural beauty. Coastal port cities and secluded mountain regions are just some of the landscapes you'll find here. A flight to Bulgaria will take you on a journey through Eastern Europe that you will never forget. Set off on an adventure and explore the new Europe. Keep in mind that cheap flights to Bulgaria from Condor will save you money.

Flight facts

Condor offers cheap flights to Bulgaria and the following destinations: Sofia, Varna, and Bourgas. Sofia is the capital and largest city, located in the western highlands. Varna and Bourgas are both located on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast to the east. Service to the latter, in particular, tends to be seasonal with more regular flights to Bulgaria during the busy summer season when visitors flock to the beaches and warm weather.

If your flight to Bulgaria lands in Sofia Airport, which is located just 10 km from the city, your best bet is to take the bus. Remember to buy an extra ticket if you have large luggage. Depending on traffic, it may take 30-40 minutes to arrive at your downtown destination. Domestic flights to Bulgaria take you to Bourgas and Varna, which can also be reached by rail.

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