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Flights to Brazil will take you to the fifth largest nation on earth and the economic motor of South America. Fly with Condor directly from Frankfurt to Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador de Bahía. Take part in Carneval or sporting events when you book one of the cheap flight options from Condor.

There is so much to see when you embark on a flight to Brazil. The capital city of Sao Paolo is a forest of skyscrapers and is home to culture, arts, and everything else you'd expect from a megalopolis. Rio de Janeiro offers stunning scenery and a vibrant night life, and is famous for its Carneval celebrations. The country's interior features rich landscapes and the vast stretches of the Amazon rain forest.

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Flights to Brazil are availalbe from many European destinations. Condor flights to Brazil include major stops like Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, the capital city of Brasilia, and the coastal city of Recife and many others, ensuring that all of Brazil is within easy reach. Be sure to reserve your cheap flight options early with Condor for the best rates on airfare to Brazil and South America.

Because tourism plays a major role in the Brazilian economy, most passengers on flights to Brazil will be greeted by modern airports. Modern rail and bus links connect the airports of Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador de Bahía to the cities. With a well-developed air travel industry, flights to Brazil's extensive territory are available with regular daily service.