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Condor Flights from Europe
Find cheap flights from Europe to destinations all over the world.
Condor Flights to Europe
Europe actually offers everything that you could wish for when it comes to a short-haul holiday: Sun, beaches and the sea in Italy, Spain or Greece. Snow and mountains for skiing or snowboarding in Norway, Sweden or the Alps. Forests, nature and extensive walking routes in France, Austria and Germany, and of course thousands of years worth of culture, history and sights in whichever European country you're travelling. And let's not forget Europe's jewels in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic: Gran Canaria, Madeira, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Ibiza or Mallorca – the popular Condor flights will transport you to any of these island paradises quickly and in comfort. And for those seeking an exotic taste of the Orient without a long flight – no problem! Because after all, Turkey is right on Europe's doorstep. But perhaps best of all, Condor flights can take you to any European destination in the space of just a few hours. Istanbul, Vienna, Amsterdam: The cities of Europe are ideal for a weekend break at short notice. So what are you waiting for - discover the versatile Condor flight schedule and plan with us your flights to your dream European country. In particular, those with an eye for a bargain look to the Condor one-day flights - flight prices for Europe and numerous selected destinations throughout the world.
Condor Flights to America, USA and Canada
Just a few transatlantic flights and already you have two giant continents and the island paradise of the Caribbean to choose from for your next holiday. There were no safe and comfortable flights in the time of the famous discoverer Christopher Columbus, and he had no idea which land masses and islands destiny would lead him to when he set out on his historical westward journey at the end of the 15th century. You on the other hand only have to choose which place in America or the Caribbean you want to fly to - and Condor will help you to make your choice! Whether it's the icy beauty of Alaska that you want to visit, whether you want to try your luck in a game in Las Vegas or whether you're looking to relax in the sun in Florida, North America - that's Canada and the USA - offers Condor flights destinations for society people and adventurers. And of course we also wouldn't want to deny you the hot rhythms of the Caribbean with their pearly white beaches, exotic and colourful coral reefs and the hint of piratical flair that places like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic will always have. Still not got a tricky enough decision about which flights to choose? Because South America has at least as much to offer: Visit Brazil or Argentina and follow in the footsteps of the gauchos, the original cattle drivers – the southern continent's equivalent of North America's cowboys. Travel along the Amazon and experience the greatest variety of animal and plant species in the world. Or simply relax - there's no shortage of coast and sea in South America either. Hopefully it'll now be a little easier for you to choose between a flight to North, Central or South America or the Caribbean. And if not, after flying over there with Condor just take a tour and visit all those places you've always wanted to see!
Condor Flights to Africa, Egypt and the Indian Ocean
No continent is as under-appreciated as Africa. Not only are the countries to the south of Europe the cradle of civilisation. Even today they are still varied, exciting and offer many opportunities for adventure, besides being quick and easy to reach by air. The North African coast offers many paradises for holidaymakers: Condor operates regular flights to Egypt. Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are more than just ideal destinations for a dream holiday. Because from there you can head off on day trips to the Pyramids or the Valley of the Kings, both of which are within easy reach. Those who are feeling really brave can also balance on a camel's back and immerse themselves in the beauty of the desert. Or would you prefer Dakar on the west coast of Africa, the place where the world's greatest off-road motor race ends every year? Or would you rather take a flight to Kilimanjaro, the gigantic 6000 metre mountain rising out of the African plains in Tanzania? Or do you want to head for Banjul in Gambia, one of Africa's most diverse and culturally rich cities? None of these options are a problem with Condor budget flights. Experience for yourself that Africa isn't just wilderness and desert - take a flight with us and get up close to its variety, culture and zest for life!
Condor Flights to Germany
Germany is known as the land of poets and thinkers. But it also has more to offer. With Condor you can fly cheaply to Germany and discover a wide variety of unique landscapes. High mountains, gentle hills, valleys with lakes, endless fields - everything you could possibly wish for. Walk through the Black Forest and experience unspoiled nature. Thanks to Condor budget flights, you'll have enough pocket money left over to buy some cuckoo clocks to take home as original holiday souvenirs. The vineyards of Franconia, where grapes such as Silvaner are cultivated, are also ideal for long walks. The approach into Nuremburg gives you your first overview of this region. Germany's many rivers are also definitely worth seeing. Fly from Fuerteventura to Düsseldorf or Cologne, take a river cruise and enjoy the Rhine Valley's many castles from your vantage point on the water. And if your holiday wouldn't be complete without the sea, the Baltic Coast with its magnificent steep cliffs is within easy reach from Rostock-Laage. But city lovers are also well catered for in Germany. How about a hearty Bavarian meal in Munich's Hofbräuhaus for example? Or take a flight from Istanbul to Hamburg, where besides seafood there are plenty of tasty dishes to discover at the Fish Market. Germany is always worth a visit, whether from a culinary, cultural or architectural point of view. Get an overview of Stuttgart, with its mix of half-timbered, traditional and modern architecture. The best way to do this is from the TV tower, which you can see as your plane is on the approach into this Swabian city. As you can see, there are many German cities with their own unique charm and flair to explore. Book your flight to Germany on Condor today, and get to know this country of great diversity.
Condor Flights from Africa, Egypt and the Indian Ocean
Get inexpensive flights from Africa.
Condor Flights from America, USA and Canada
Find long-haul flights from America at a bargain price.