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Welcome to the USA

Book a flight to Seattle today, and start planning your Pacific adventure! The city of Seattle is a small but bustling metropolis with just over 600,000 residents. Explore the beautiful natural landscapes in and around Seattle, or visit the Pacific Science Center, along with many other museums the city has to offer. Start planning your Seattle vacation today when you book a cheap flight with Condor.

Located not far from the Canadian border, Seattle is a unique and multi-faceted city. Visit the thrilling Pikes Place Market, complete with the world-famous throwing fishmongers. Make sure to arrive very early in the morning, and take some fish to go! Don't forget to try Seattle coffee, some of the best on earth.

Flight facts

Flights leave daily from most mainland European airports, with lots of options regarding connecting flights. For example, flights from Amsterdam transfer in both Frankfurt and Las Vegas. Flights average around 24 hours of total travel. Condor partners with both Lufthansa and Alaska Airlines, ensuring a seamless and straightforward trip.

Once you've landed in Seattle, downtown is a mere 20 minute cab ride away. This is the fastest way to start your Seattle adventure! Downtown Seattle is very well connected with Metro trains and buses throughout the city. The LINK train will also bring you into downtown from the airport, and is a better option during peak rush hour.