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Welcome to the USA

Located in the middle of the US state of Alaska, Fairbanks is the state's second largest city. It is the ideal destination for those looking to get away from it all and become one with nature. The fascinating landscape, located just hours from the North Pole, is accentuated with fresh air and home to various wild animals. A cheap flight from Condor gets you to the heart of it all.

Cheap flights from Condor bring you to this former gold-mining area. Learn about the famous gold rush that brought the first settlers to Fairbanks at one of the many museums. You can even explore old mines! There are also numerous site and museums devoted to the Alaska Native and indiginous animals. For a holiday trip off the beaten path, book a flight to Fairbanks with us.

Flight facts

Fairbanks is reachable via Seattle and Anchorage. We offer direct flights to Seattle and Anchorage from many German cities such as Frankfurt and Berlin. The trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks International Airport only adds an additional 40 minutes to your flight time; a flight from Seattle takes a bit longer at around 3 hours. We at Condor are committed to finding you the best and cheapest flight for your journey.

Upon arrival it is easy to reach the Fairbanks city centre. The Fairbanks International Airport is located just 5 kilometres away. There is a bus that runs often between the two. You can also take a taxi for more convenience after a long flight. Perhaps the best option is to hire a car at the airport and use it for the duration of your stay. That way you can explore the surroundings at your leisure.