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One of the largest countries, there is much to see and do when you embark on flights to the USA. You could enjoy the quaint charm of New England, take in the rich history of the South, traverse deserts and natural monuments in the West, and drive through ancient redwood trees in the Pacific Northwest. No wonder so many choose flights to the USA during their holidays.

Nature lovers are amongst the highest proportion of travellers on flights to USA. Some of the world's most dramatic scenery can be found here, from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park. Many places boast a variety of wildlife, from flocks of flamingos to herds of wild bison roaming the plains. No matter what your heart desires, you'll find it on a flight to the USA.

Flight facts

There are many options for travellers who choose to take a flight to the USA. Condor services the East Coast at New York, Orlando and Miami. The Midwest is served via Minneapolis. There are many airports in the northwest and along the West Coast to choose from on flights to the USA. These are served from many European points of departure with friendly service from Condor.

Modern airports await passengers arriving from flights to the USA. Travellers to the United States should remember that they must pass through customs at their port of arrival into the country. For this reason, those on flights to the USA that connect to other flights should allow ample time to pass through customs and re-check bags before proceeding to their connecting flight.