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Welcome to Thailand

A melting pot of indigenous Thais, ethnic Malays, Chinese, and sea gypsies Phuket offers a unique and vibrant lifestyle. The city offers a variety of activities and entertainment options including scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming. Experience exotic activities like safari, elephant rides and all-terrain vehicle trips. Rich heritage of the island is palpable through the old town, temples and Sino-colonial architecture.

Condor makes your trip exciting with cheap flights to Phuket. You don’t have to be an heir to enjoy Phuket’s bucket list. Whatever your heart desires, it has deep-sea diving, shimmering beaches, high-end dining and amazing nightlife with innumerable restaurants, bars, cabarets, discos and the popular full moon parties. Enclosed by the Andaman Sea, witness sea creatures in the Phuket Aquarium. Do you enjoy boxing? Watch Thai boxing!

Relax on the beach with a view of beautiful coasts near Phuket

Flight facts

Flight time from Frankfurt to Phuket is almost 12 hours and flights from Germany will take between 11 to 13 hours. Your flight to Phuket lands into the sunny international airport. Take a cab and zip across to your destination. It takes about an hour to reach the city centre. More budget-conscious can take the shared mini vans that cost 180 bahts.

Enjoy the vibrant colours of the island as you drive out of Phuket airport in a taxi. The compact International Airport sits on the northern part of the island and the staff here is very helpful. A smooth transfer can be ensured by pre booking a cab. After your flight to Phuket it takes a couple of hours to hit the beautiful beach. We at Condor make sure that you have a great flight!

Phuket Climate

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