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Welcome to Tanzania

There's so much to see when you take a flight to Zanzibar. This collection of islands off the coast of Tanzania are semi-autonomous and have a rich cultural legacy. With African and Arab influences that came through trade over the centuries, you can still see the remnants in architecture around the islands. Book your flight to Zanzibar with Condor and explore these fascinating islands in the Indian Ocean.

One reason so many travellers choose to take a flight to Zanzibar is the rich diversity of flora and fauna. Known as part of the Spice Islands, it is a major world producer of cloves, nutmeg, black pepper and the like. Its lush forests are home to a number of birds, land animals and many plant species, some of which are found only here. The coral reefs are also teeming with marine life.

Flight facts

Condor offers flights to Zanzibar year round. These routes connect with a large number of departure cities throughout Europe. Nonstop flights to Zanzibar are available from some airports, such as Frankfurt am Main. Others may have transfers in airports like Mombasa, Kenya. Located just south of the equator, the tropical climate of Zanzibar makes it a popular destination with adventurous travellers at any time of year.

Your Condor flight to Zanzibar will land at the Zanzibar International Airport. Major upgrades and renovations in recent years have expanded the Zanzibar airport's capacity to 1.5 million passengers annually by allowing larger commercial planes to land here. More traffic has led to increased service to this destination. Once your flight to Zanzibar has landed, you can easily reach the capital city, Zanzibar Town, by taxi or bus.