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Welcome to Spain

Spain is home to a multitude of treasures, both those well known to tourists, and also a number of hidden gems. If you've grown weary of busy cities and overcrowded sites, exploring some of Spain's lesser known gems may be the right choice for your next holiday. For example, booking a flight to Fuerteventura you can see one of Spain's largely untouched islands.

Fuertaventura is a nature lover's paradise. Although it is the second largest of the Canary Islands, it has remained largely unspoilt by overcrowding and urbanization. When you book a flight to Fuertaventura you can enjoy all the amenities and comforts you'd expect, but without the crowds and noise of busier destinations. If you're on the search for a peaceful getaway in beautiful surroundings book a flight to Fuertaventura with Condor for utmost ease and convenience.

Flight facts

Although flights to Fuertaventura are most frequent during the summer months, you can easily access the island throughout the year. Thanks to the island's temperate climate, a vacation is possible in any season in Fuertaventura. Flights from major German airports typically take just under 5 hours, but its worth every minute once you arrive on this charming, rustic island paradise.

Condor takes the hassle out of planning your holidays. Offering a number of budget friendly options, Condor makes it easy to book cheap tickets to Fuertaventura, Gran Canaria or any other island destination your heart desires. If you're in search of rest and relaxation, culture and history, hospitality and vitality, then a flight to Fuertaventura may well be the best choice for your next holiday.