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Embark on an adventure to visit South Africa. With its stunning landscape and intricate history, South Africa is a marvelous place to visit. Explore Table Mountain, visit Cape Town, and take in a country with many different languages and cultures converging. Go on safari in Kruger National Park, and come face to face with animals rarely seen in real life!

Whether you're a lover of nature or an urban dweller, South Africa has a wealth of things to explore and discover. Visit Johannesburg, an inland city that is extremely impressive in scope and size. Take in Cape Town, a city rocked by so many events in the last several decades. Spend some time exploring what may be an entirely new culture when you book a cheap flight to South Africa today with Condor!

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Flights operated by Condor leave many major cities in Germany, as well as Manchester and Vienna, daily. Condor also partners with several other airlines to give you many different options when flying with Condor. Flights begin at 14 hours with connections, and vary depending on where connections are made. Book a cheap flight to South Africa with Condor today, and start planning your South African adventure.

Once in South Africa, you should decide whether to rent a car or fly within the country. A taxi will get you from Cape Town International Airport to downtown in just over 15 minutes. Taxis are available in urban areas, however access to a car also allows for beachfront visits and spontaneity. Don't delay, start searching for cheap flights to South Africa today with Condor.