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Welcome to Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands is situated in the western Indian Ocean. As you take your flight to Seychelles, you can see the beautiful archipelago made up of more than100 islands, the largest of which is Mahé. Others include Aride Islan, Silhouette, Round Island, Moyenne and Grande Soeur. With its warm, tropical weather all year round, Seychelles is a popular destination for many holidaymakers. To enjoy this dream destination, simply book a flight to Seychelles.

With their warm waters and white sand, the beaches of Seychelles are among the best in the world. You could choose to laze on the beach or go diving to sample some of the underwater wonders. Hikers can take an excursion to one of the forests in the island. Seychelles boasts a vibrant entertainment scene, with events such as FetAfrik Festival in May and Mahé-Praslin Windsurfing Race in August. Visit Condor for cheap flights to Seychelles.

Flight facts

You can take a direct flight to Seychelles from several major cities around the world. The flights land at Mahé International Airport from there you can make a connection. If you are planning to visit one of the smaller islands, you could book another flight with the local airline. You could also take a trip on one of the many ferry services to your desired destination.

After landing from your flight to Seychelles, you will find numerous taxis that offer transfer services from Mahé. If you wish to drive yourself, you could hire a vehicle at the airport. You can choose between saloon cars, small vans and four wheel drives. To hire a car, you will need to possess a valid International or EU license. If you are looking for luxury, you could charter a helicopter after embarking from your flight to Seychelles.