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Over one million visitors arrive on flights to Namibia each year, and for good reason. Namibia offers some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities. The vast expanse of arid land means that this country has the second lowest population density on the planet. If you're looking for elbowroom in wide open spaces away from the throngs, then book your cheap flights to Namibia and start off on your safari.

Wildlife and natural wonders are not the only thing that prompts visitors to book flights to Namibia. The country has a rich cultural legacy that is unique in Africa. It was one of the few countries in Africa under German rule before merging with South Africa following World War I. Though it later gained independence in 1990, you will still hear English, German, Afrikaans and indigenous languages spoken here. Book cheap flights to Namibia with Condor.

Flight facts

If you are planning to book a cheap flight to Namibia with Condor, then you have two destinations from which to choose. The major hub is located in the capital city of Windhoek, which lies centrally within the country. The other destination Condor services on flights to Namibia is Walvis Bay. This airport is located on the Atlantic coast in the western part of the country.

If your flight to Namibia arrives in Windhoek, then you'll be landing at Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport. This efficient airport was renovated in 2009, so you can expect modern services and facilities. If your flight to Namibia is headed for Walvis Bay Airport, you will land about 15 km east of the town. Either way, a bus or taxi is the best way to reach the city.