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Welcome to Mexico

Mexico is a diverse land with a rich history that bridges the Old World and New World. With ancient ruins from the indigenous Aztec and Maya peoples, stunning seaside resorts on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and an inland with distinct geographical and cultural regions, a fascinating world awaits you upon your flight to Mexico City. Condor offers cheap flight options to this gateway of Mexico.

There are many places to visit in Mexico. A flight to Mexico City is the best place to start, as the city serves as the major national hub. Head to see ancient pyramids and take in crystal blue waters in Cancun. Or you might head to the high desert to Guadalajara and indulge in Jalisco's splendour. Wherever you go, save big on cheap flights to Mexico City with Condor.

Flight facts

With Condor, flights to Mexico City can be booked from a number of European ports of departure. Condor airline's convenient and cheap flights often have a layover in Cancun on the Carribean coast before you arrive in Mexico City. Because it is the major hub of the country, you can continue on to any destination in Mexico after your flight to Mexico City touches down.

Your flight to Mexico City will have you landing at the Mexico City Airport, which is the largest airport in Latin America and can handle over 1,000 flights per day. Located within the city limits, it is easy to reach your final destination in the city via the metro system. Buses and light rail lines are good choices for the outlying areas of Mexico City.

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