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Welcome to Mexico

Condor gets you to the most vibrant places throughout Central America at cheap rates: we can help you find cheap flights to some of the most popular vacation locations in Mexico including direct flights to Cancun. With the most beautiful white sandy beaches - which are second to none - and the best resorts Mexico has to offer, Cancun is ideal for a relaxing get away. Yet Cancun also has many opportunities for adventures! Book your flight to Cancun today!

With its beautiful white beaches, vibrant culture, exciting nightlife, and rich history, Cancun is the perfect get away location for people of all ages and interests. With your flight to Cancun, relax at a pristine beach resort sipping on the perfect margarita, walk in the footsteps of the ancient Mayans or immerse yourself in the vibrant culture that the city has to offer you. These are just three of the many reasons to book a flight to Cancun.

Flight facts

The duration of the flight to Cancun can vary depending on your departure location. As Cancun is a regularly visited destination, Condor offers regular cheap flights from Frankfurt to Cancun. In only 11 hours, you could be enjoying the beach paradise of Cancun. After your flight to Cancun, you will arrive in the afternoon with enough time to enjoy your surroundings and get comfortable before you begin your adventure.

Once you arrive at the international airport after your flight to Cancun, the best way to get to your destination is to take a shuttle directly to your resort or hotel. This is a wonderful service that many resorts offer making your flight to Cancun simple. You may want to contact your resort before your arrival and they will arrange for the shuttle to pick you up. The airport is only a short distant from all the resorts.

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