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Welcome to Kenya

Take a flight to Nairobi, a city in the African Great Lakes. Maasai Mara, Amboseli Tsavo East and West are just a few attractions of Kenya. Kenya is packed with a lot of attractions including deserts, mountains, beaches, vibrant tribal culture, coral reefs, and incredible wildlife. People here represent contemporary Africa with a life that brings the urban population, traditional tribes, modern sensibilities and ancient customs together. Experience all when you trust Condor!

Want to see things you may not even have thought of? Visit Nairobi, the Kenyan capital and the heart of tourism in Africa. Flights to Nairobi take you to the safari you have been planning for long. Sway to the drum beats of traditional celebrations and festivals. There are many attractions and events to ensure a fantastic trip. Ecotourism tours, restaurants, cultural bonanza, and shopping are a bonus!

Flight facts

Situated in Embakasi, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport sits very close to the business centre in Nairobi. There are flights to Nairobi from more than 50 countries. You can book a taxi for your airport transfer or take the Airport shuttle which runs at regular intervals. They will also take you to the other airport for domestic flights. Hire a reputable taxi to the city to prevent inconvenience.

There are taxies waiting at the arrival once your flight to Nairobi lands at the international airport. It is best not to take their recommendation for a hotel as that can be risky. You can arrange pick up with the tour organizer if you are taking a safari. Nairobi offers you fascinating sights and other exciting reasons to enjoy your trip. There are several options for cheap flights with Condor.

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