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Take a flight to Kenya and discover one of Africa's most vibrant countries. Kenya is home to around 45 million people who inhabit a large and diverse landscape. The capital city of Nairobi is a bustling metropolis and one of Africa's major centres of culture and commerce. Yet it is within easy reach of one of Kenya's largest wildlife preserves, where you can see unspoilt African sahel ecosystems. Book your flight to Kenya today.

Natural wonders are one of the many reasons people choose a flight to Kenya. Snow-capped mountains can be seen all year, and many are conducive to trekking. Lake Victoria, the second-largest lake on earth, offers astounding beauty with forests, rivers and waterfalls. Another reason for flights to Kenya are its beautiful beaches on the shores of the Indian ocean in the west of the country.

Flight facts

When you decide to take a cheap flight to Kenya with Condor, you'll have two destinations to choose from. Air service is available to Nairobi, the centrally located capital, as well as Mombasa, which lies on the coastline. A number of cities throughout Europe are serviced by connecting Condor flights to Kenya, such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and London. It's amazing how affordable flights to Kenya can be.

If your flight to Kenya arrives in Nairobi, then you will land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. It is located approximately 15 km to the south of Nairobi's central business district. Buses and taxis are the best options to reach the city. If your flight to Kenya is destined for Mombasa, then you'll arrive at Moi International Airport, the second busiest in the country.