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Welcome to Frankfurt

Discover a destination that is both cosmopolitan and true to its heritage with cheap flights to Frankfurt with Condor. As one of the world's leading financial centers, Frankfurt isn't just a German city: it's a global city, and as such is one the most exciting and cosmopolitan cities to visit in Europe. This lively metropolis boasts a futuristic skyline with dozens of modern skyscrapers and impressive Classicist museums on the banks of the River Main.

The city is also home to high-end shopping, restaurants, and cultural sights, including over 30 museums, many of which are considered to be internationally prestigious. Yet Frankfurt's modern cityscape doesn't mean the city isn't historic; it is, and dotted throughout the urban landscape are historic buildings which were rebuilt following the near-total destruction of the Old Town during World War II. The residents also reflect the diversity of Frankfurt; exploring the city, you'll find businessmen, students, artists, families, and of course other world travelers.

Flight facts

The city center can be reached via bus, taxi, rental car, or train. The easiest method to reach downtown is by taking the S-Bahn train to Frankfurt Taunusanlage; the trains are both regular and quick - it takes just 14 minutes.

If you're staying outside the city center, consider taking a taxi from outside the terminal. If you're planning to visit other areas of Germany or to see the countryside, consider renting a car.