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Welcome to Cyprus

Are you looking for a holiday destination that perfectly combines ancient history with relaxing beaches and gorgeous weather? If so, book a flight to Lanarca with Condor. The city of Lanarca is built on the remains of the ancient Kition, a fact that allows Lanarca to be considered the oldest city in Cyprus and one of the oldest in the world. Find a cheap flight to Lanarca and start exploring this historic city.

A flight to Lanarca is almost like a flight back in time. Explore the ages here, from 13th century BC though the Venentian and Turkish invasions and the World Wars. Though thoroughly imbued in the past, Lanarca is a forward moving city with all the modern amenities you would expect from a thriving city. Convenient and cheap flights to Larnaca can be booked with Condor. Get your holiday started on the right foot.

Flight facts

Condor's flights bring you from most major German cities to Lanarca in just under 3.5 hours. Direct flights are available year round from Munich, Hanover, Berlin- Schönfeld, and Dusseldorf. Should you be flying from another city, you may have to transfer at one of these airports. Find your convenient and cheap flight with us to get your Greek holiday started out on the right foot.

The Lanarca Airport is the largest of Cyprus and your cheap Condor flight arrives here. It is located approximately 5 kilometres from Lanarca city centre, making it quick and easy to reach. There are public transportation options available, though the most convenient method is to take a taxi directly to your hotel or apartment. You may also want to consider hiring a car; this allows you the utmost mobility during your stay.