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Welcome to Cuba

If you want to book a holiday in Cuba, take a look at Condor's cheap flights to Santa Clara. This edgey and modern town is found at the foot of the Escambray Mountains and is known for its street art, rock music, and revolutionary past. It was here that the iconic Che Guevara lead a guerrilla group to expel dictator Batista. Explore the heart of Cuba; book a cheap flight to Santa Clara!

A cheap flight from Condor to Santa Clara also offers you the chance to experience more of Cuba than just the beaches (though from Santa Clara you can quickly and easily visit some of Cuba's finest). The young and urban feel of this town is accentuated with its many music clubs and festivals and a host of theatres. Book your cheap flight from Condor to Santa Clara and experience this fantastic city in the heart of Cuba.

Flight facts

Condor offers cheap and direct flights to Santa Clara out of Munich. The flight takes about 12 hours. Should you be departing from another city such as Basel, Genf, Graz, Dresden, Berlin, or Hanover, you will first have to fly to Munich and then catch your flight to Santa Clara from there. Condor has great rates for cheap flights, no matter where your departure airport is located.

The Santa Clara International Airport is located 15 kilometres outside of Santa Clara. Once your flight lands, you have a few options for getting to your hotel or other accomodation. The most convenient option, especially after a long flight, is to simply take a taxi. You can also hire a car for the utmost flexibility during your stay. Whatever you decide to do, rest assured Condor will give you a great rate on your flight.