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Welcome to Cuba

A flight to Havana is an ideal respite for those who are tired of the daily grind. Just picture yourself dining al fresco at a seaside cafe in Havana. Why not try out some of the best cigars and rum in the world in their home country? There's no shortage of natural beauty to take in around the island as well for those who book flights to Havana with Condor.

It is no wonder why so many people choose to book a flight to sunny Havana each year. The beaches near the city are some of the finest in the whole Caribbean region. The old town of Havana vividly shows the ways European culture has intermixed with indigenous cultures for a unique Cuban flair. Don't forget that it is the Caribbean's largest island, so there's plenty to see after your flight to Havana has landed.

Flight facts

Condor airlines services to several destinations on cheap Cuban flights. Havana, of course, is the major airline destination. Other Cuban destinations include Holguin, Santa Clara and Varadero. If these smaller airports are your final destination, then your itinerary will likely involve a transfer at the airport in Havana. The holiday season around the summer months are peak times for flights to Havana, so Condor offers regular service from many European destinations.

Most passengers travelling to Cuba will arrive at Jose Marti International Airport on their flight to Havana. The airport is located 15 km south of the city centre of Havana. The best bet for transportation to the city is a taxi. If your Condor flight to Havana continues to one of the other destinations, then a taxi or bus will be the easiest form of transportation to get to your final destination.