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Explore stunning Croatia on your next vacation! Croatia's beautiful beaches, perfect weather, and unique history have been attracting tourists for many years. In the last few years this number has skyrocketed as people branch out into more unique vacation destinations. Visit Split, Dubrovnik, and many of the spa towns located slightly inland. Sample the local cuisine, largley built on fresh and local seafood.

Whether you're a nature-loving traveller or prefer an urban setting, Croatia has something for everyone. The beautiful beaches of Croatia are simply stunning, drawing thousands of tourists each year. Locally caught fish is available at the market every morning, and those who rent a house can grill right outside on the patio! In Dubrovnik, learn more about the varied history of the Croatian people. Start looking for cheap flights to Croatia today on Condor!

Flight facts

All flights landing in either Split or Dubrovnik arrive from Frankfurt International Airport and Brussels International Airport, both major connecting airports. Condor partners with a variety of other airlines for a seamless and quick travel experience. Flights to Croatia vary from 1-4 hours on the European mainland. Don't delay, book a cheap flight to Croatia today with Condor, and start planning your next vacation.

Once landed in Croatia, it can be helpful to evaluate your plans and decide if a rental car is needed. From Dubrovnik to Split (perhaps the most well-travelled tourist route) it is a three hour drive. However, Condor also flies between Dubrovnik and Split, which may be more suited to your needs.