Top sights in Austria

Welcome to Austria

Austria: The word itself invokes images of mountain meadows and charming old city streets. You can practically hear the music playing! Austria has long been one of Europe's most popular vacation destinations. The majestic capital city of Vienna is known for its cafes, classical music, and historical significance. Lesser known Linz is rapidly becoming a hot cultural destination. No matter which Austrian city you choose to visit, Condor has got cheap flights to get you there.

Condor flights to Austria put you in one of 4 beautiful Austrian towns. Aside from the huge number of museums and theaters in Austria, the skiing here is fantastic as are the hiking options. Explore the gorgeous countryside, dotted with alpine lakes and vineyards. There truly is something for everyone in Austria. Get your Austrian vacation started by booking one of Condor's cheap flights to Vienna, Graz, Linz or Innsbruck.

Flight facts

All the major Austrian cities also have public transportation options that can bring you quickly to the city center.

You may also want to rent a car during your stay. This allows you more opportunities to explore the countryside.