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Bekijk de meest recente reisinformatie en -updates vóór u vertrekt.

Cyclone Berguitta

Cyclone „Berguitta” is currently moving south-west along the Indian Ocean. Mauritius airport is considering a closure for January 17, 2018. This will affect the Condor flight schedule in the coming days.

The Condor flight DE2314, on 17 January, 2018 from Frankfurt to Mauritius will be delayed by 24 hours to 18 January, 16:20h (local time). As a result, DE2315 return flight from Mauritius to Frankfurt will also be delayed by 24 hours to 19 January, 08:30h (local time).

The safety and security of our passengers is our highest priority. We apologise to all our passengers for the inconvenience. Our guests who are in the affected destinations will be informed about the latest developments by our employees on the ground. Guests whose flights are part of a package deal should contact their travel agent.

We are in constant contact with the authorities and will continue to monitor the situation very closely. Updates on possible changes to our flight schedule will also be provided. 

Dominican Republic: Tourist Card Fee Now Included in Flight Fares

The entry requirements of the Dominican Republic stipulate that every tourist must have a Tourist Card before going through the passport control area upon arrival. Until now, tourists have been able to purchase the Tourist Card online, from machines at airports and ports or via travel agents or consulates. This requirement also applies to German tourists.

The new decree concerning this requirement stipulates that from 1st April 2018, the price of the Tourist Card will be added to the price of all air and sea travel tickets purchased by tourists for their journey to the Dominican Republic. The Condor booking systems are therefore being adapted to meet this new regulation and the Tourist Card fee of $10 will be automatically added to the price of Condor tickets.

This new procedure means that when travelling to the Dominican Republic, you are no longer required to independently purchase a Tourist Card. In the past, passengers arriving at the airports in Puerto Plata and Punta Cana were often confronted with a long wait because most tourists purchased their Tourist Cards from the machines at the airports upon arrival. With these new measures, the government hopes to optimise the Tourist Card procedure at local airports.

If you travel to the Dominican Republic by land, you are not affected by these new regulations. The previous procedure for land travel still applies.

Kenya: Import af plastposer

Fra og med mandag den 28. august 2017 er import og brug af alle former for plastposer i Kenya blevet forbudt. Dette omfatter både bære- og affaldsposer.

Denne lovgivning gælder også for rejsende, som transporterer plastposer i deres bagage eller som medbringer poser med toldfri varer. 

Vær venligst opmærksom på at undgå plastposer, når du pakker. Poser til toldfri varer vil blive afhentet ved ankomsten.

Den nye lov fastsætter høje bøder for at håndhæve forbuddet i overensstemmelse hermed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Condor safety team has banned any carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from all our flights, as both checked luggage and also hand luggage. This follows reports of them burning up and also the US aviation authorities taking a similar step for US flights this weekend.

This ban does not apply to the Samsung Galaxy 7 phone, which is a different device and has not suffered the problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.