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Imagine a city with a stunning fairy-tale like backdrop, modern European standards, and traces of African warmth and culture. That image is reality on the Tunesian island of Djerba. Condor offers cheap flights that bring visitors to Djerba in just a few hours. Relax on gorgeous sandy beaches, indulge yourself in delicious traditional food, find awe in the unique architecture- in short, enjoy yourself! Condor has cheap flights to Djerba to suit all budgets. Find your ticket now.

A flight to Djerba opens the door to one of the most fascinating spots in the region. The island has long been a cultural melting pot. From the charming capital city of Houmt Souq on the northern coast with its ancient camel caravan inns to the Jewish villiage of Erriadh, and the artisan villiage of Guellella: it all comes together in Djerba. Condor flights to Djerba bring you to a holiday destination worth remembering.

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A flight to Djerba takes less time than you may think. Condor's direct flights from Frankfurt International Airport only take 3 hours! We also have flights to Djerba from Düsseldorf, Leipzig, and Munich. If your point of departure is from another airport, you most likely will have to transfer at one of these. Book your cheap flight to Djerba and get ready for a holiday of a lifetime.

Our flights arrive at the the Djerba Zarzis International Airport. It is located in the north-western part of the island, approximately 9 kilometres from the capital city of Houmt Souk. Taxis are plentiful both at the airport and in the towns, and the island's attractions are best reached with a short and easy taxi ride. Alternatively, you could rent a car during your stay for ultimate flexibility.

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