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Welcome to Nicaragua

Travel with Condor to the tropics cheap today! Book a cheap flight with Condor now and experience the incredible beauty and diversity of Nicaragua. With lush rainforests, serenely blue Caribbean coasts, and rugged, adventure-inspiring terrains Nicaragua has something to offer every traveller. Hike through ancient ruins, vast national parks and the internationally acclaimed cultural institutions of Nicaragua now by booking your cheap flight with Condor!

Condor flies you to Nicaragua's culturally exciting capital, Managua! From the indigenous Nahuatl "mana-ahuac" meaning "surrounded by waters" and located in the Pacific lowlands, Managua is Nicaragua's largest city and provides access to the whole region. Experience the volcanic terrain and Spanish Colonial architecture and artefacts of the Pacific lowlands, the rugged, moss-covered coffee plantations of the North Central Highlands and the ancient rainforests and stunning shores of the Caribbean lowlands.

Flight facts

Though the length of the flight to Nicaragua depends on where in Germany your flight leaves from, you can expect 17 to 18 hours of sky-time on your way to sunny Managua. After touch down, you are within a short drive to gorgeous Grenada and UNESCO World Heritage sight Leon! Once Condor gets you to Nicaragua in style, use local boats, taxis, trams and domestic flights to take in the full, breath-taking beauty of Nicaragua!

After touchdown in Managua, treat yourself to a cab for the most direct route to your local destination. Make sure to choose taxis with red and white license plates and negotiate your price before you get in, as Nicaraguan taxis are not metered. A lift to Managua is about 15 minutes while getting to Granada takes 1.5 hours.