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Welcome to Brazil

Recife, Brazil has the distinction of being one of Brazil’s most popular tourist destinations, and we can help get you there in style and at bargain rates. Our cheap flights to Recife are the first step toward soaking up the sun on Recife’s sandy beaches and exploring the delicious cuisine and spicy culture of Brazil. You can also combine your flight to Recife with flights to other parts of this beautiful South American country.

Our flight to Recife requires a transfer in Fortaleza, another popular tourist destination. Consider spending a few days in Fortaleza before continuing on your flight to Recife, as the city has much to offer in terms of culture and entertainment. Fortaleza is also a beach town, so you can spend your days on the beach and your evenings living it up before going on to explore Recife and other parts of Brazil.

Recife has a lot to offer culturally

Flight facts

When you book your flight to Recife via Condor, you first need to take a ten-hour flight from Frankfurt to Fortaleza. Your connecting flight to Recife from Fortaleza takes just under 90 minutes once you take off, so you will be unpacked and hanging out at the beach in no time. You can also connect to Frankfurt from other major cities, such as Berlin or London.

The best way to get to your accommodations once your flight to Recife has landed is to take a taxi. Taking a taxi is inexpensive, and getting from the airport to downtown Recife only takes about 25 minutes. And after a long flight to Recife, you deserve to have someone get you to your holiday home rather than having to navigate a new city on your own. It is, after all, holiday!

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