Baggage Irregularities

Delayed Baggage

Your baggage is missing? Here you can find all the information for baggage tracing.

Baggage Tracing

We make every effort to trace and find a missing baggage item as quickly as possible and return it to its rightful owner. You can track your lost baggage claim status online at Worldtracer:

Trace your baggage here

If your baggage has not been returned to you within 5 days, we will initiate an extended search. Therefore, we need a detailed list of the contents in the baggage:

If you have any further questions about baggage tracing, please fill out this form:

Baggage tracing form

Reimbursement for Delayed Baggage

You have the option to purchase urgently needed items within the limit of the legal maximum liability until your baggage arrives. You are obliged to keep the cost of the purchases as low as possible.
Items purchased at the place of your permanent residence will not be refunded.

After your baggage has been delivered, we will verify the replacement purchases. Please fill out this form within 21 days:

Reimbursement for Delayed Baggage