Baggage and Animals

Baggage Irregularities

Did your baggage not arrive or is it damaged? Here, you can find all of the important information about baggage irregularities.

General Information

  • Make sure to label all of your baggage items (including hand baggage) with your name, home address and holiday address.
  • Put important documents, valuables and medication in your hand baggage.
  • We will reimburse up to SDR 1,131.00 (approx. € 1,000.00 – 1,200.00, depending on the current exchange rate) in the event of destruction or loss of or damage to baggage.

    • Checked baggage is covered by strict liability, provided the baggage was not already damaged prior to check-in. We are only liable for non-checked baggage if we are at fault.
    • If the value of your baggage exceeds the amount stated above, you are required to inform us when you check in or make sure that your baggage is fully insured before you travel.
    • Our liability for checked baggage begins when we accept the baggage and ends when we return the baggage to the traveler.
    • However, airlines are not liable for hand baggage, valuables such as jewelry, banknotes, business papers, samples, passports, medication, or fragile or perishable items. These items should therefore remain in the care of the passengers.
    • We recommend taking out an additional traveller’s baggage insurance policy.