Interview with Lisa Traub, Air Traffic Management Student

What was the application process like? What do you bring to the job?
The first step was an online application process. Next, an assessment day took place, which consisted of written tests, group exercises and an individual interview. In my opinion, it is especially important to be open to new challenges. In addition, you should enjoy taking responsibility and show particular interest in the aviation and airline industry.

What is your typical work day like?
A typical day entails working on tasks independently as well as working with a team. I also take part in meetings in order to become familiar with as many of the department’s tasks and projects as possible.

What makes your job special to you?
For me, the special part is that the study programme gives us the opportunity to get to know various departments. So we get an introduction into a wide range of tasks and the challenges of the respective departments.

What key word do you connect with Condor?

What is your favourite travel destination?
So far, my favourite trips have been to the southwestern United States and to Corsica.